Feldman Architecture is an innovative residential and commercial design practice recognized for creating warm, light-filled spaces that are site-sensitive and carefully detailed. Highly collaborative in nature, the firm approaches design as a dialogue between client, design team and site. Each project is an opportunity to create an innovative solution that is relevant to the project environs and tailored to a clients’ specific needs.

The studio’s culture is also informal and non-hierarchical; members of the small firm work with clients in an engaging, shared process to find smart and sustainable solutions. Closely guiding projects from design through construction, designers and project managers are deeply involved in research and probing the parameters of a project. Strong alliances with consultants, builders and artisans contribute to carefully informed design decisions and result in fully realized projects with conceptual clarity and precise detailing.



Jonathan Feldman

Steven Stept

Christopher Kurrle


Jessica Stuenkel

Lindsey Theobald

Anjali Iyer

Ben Welty


Bianca Mills

Matt Lindsay

Daniel Holbrook

Norman Wong

Heera Basi

Jeff Wheeler


Maria Bermudez

Kay Bromley

Jonathan Cotté


Jennifer Deas

Neda Fattahi

Humbeen Geo

Fernanda Gusmao

Parker D. Klebahn

Yulia Korneeva

Natalie Marcisz

Evan McCurdy

Nicholas Mobilia

Sepideh Omoumi

Nick Polansky

Yanhang Ren

Kateryna Rogynska

Nicholas Tedesco

Isabel Verhille

Jiayi Wang

Janie Wright