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Senior Technical Architect, Associate Jeff Wheeler

Jeff joined Feldman Architecture in 2016 to lead the firm in construction administration and quality control, bringing 30 years of experience in a wide range of building types and scales, from high-end, single-family residential to large-scale corporate commercial, as well as restaurant, retail, and animal care. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Iowa State University in 1986, Jeff wasted no time in venturing to San Francisco to become a registered architect in the state of California. He has since detailed and managed numerous LEED-certified and award-winning projects throughout the state with a refined skillset centering on construction administration, project management, and quality control.

Flexible in his approach and creative in his solutions, Jeff expertly balances an open mind to the client’s needs with a realistic understanding of project delivery. He collaborates with builders and craftspeople in the field to ensure that each project is constructed as designed and documented, navigating construction oversight and consultant coordination to translate design vision into reality.