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Senior Interior Designer Brooke Mareschal

Brooke Mareschal joined FA in spring of 2024 as a Senior Interior Designer, with a detailed oriented eye and impressive, relevant experience in both interior design and interior architecture. After graduating from Baylor University, Brooke worked at a variety of design studios, like Perkins + Will and Nicole Hollis, on a range of project types - from hotels, bars, spas, restaurants, office workplaces, and residences.

"There was a time when I would sail with my family and spend the night on the boat. In the morning, the still water looks like glass and it’s nearly impossible to distinguish where the sky ends and the water begins. My favorite spaces within architecture and interior architecture achieve something similar. I live for those moments when landscape and the built environment reach a symbiosis."

Brooke lives in the Oakland hills with her husband and two kids, and loves spending time outside discovering all the bay area has to offer.