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Feldman Architecture is an award-winning design practice recognized for creating warm, light-filled spaces that are site-sensitive and carefully crafted.

Our Studio

Our Culture

We're a team of talented individuals, committed to creating soulful, meaningful work. Our guiding values are Professionalism, Teamwork, and Passion + Commitment.

Our Process

Each project is an opportunity to create an innovative solution that is highly responsive to people and place.

House Ocho, the first FA project


Our Interiors Studio provides hands-on, high-quality, tailored customer service as an efficient addition to our architectural practice. Our aesthetic translates effortlessly from architectural design to interior architecture, fixtures, finishes, and furnishings, resulting in a cohesive and beautiful final product.

We provide full scope Interior Design services, from Interior Concept to Furniture Install and Styling.

Mill Valley Cabins

Focus on Sustainability

In recent years, our industry has moved strongly away from past practices that contributed to climate change and excessive use of resources. Feldman Architecture exemplifies this shift toward sustainability by embracing decarbonization and resilient, regenerative design strategies that advantage communities, future generations, and the natural environment.

The first Feldman Architecture home, House Ocho, set the tone for our work with a site-sensitive, sustainable design. In 2010, we designed our first electric, Net-Zero Energy Home, The Santa Cruz Haus, which earned LEED Platinum certification. With subsequent projects like Caterpillar House, the first LEED Platinum Custom Home on California’s Central Coast, and The Farm, a sustainable urban home with grey and black water filtrations systems, we have continuously refined our goals and raised expectations for performance and efficiency. Because we prioritized sustainability in our earliest projects, Feldman Architecture has been able to build a team of like-minded architects, consultants, and staff while attracting clients who are passionate about regenerative design and environmental stewardship.

In December of 2016 Feldman Architecture signed on to the AIA 2030 Commitment, a shared dedication to make all new buildings, developments, and renovations carbon-neutral by 2030. In 2021, our combined portfolio came in at an overall predicted 98.13% EUI (energy use intensity) reduction, far exceeding the current goal of 80%, and just below our ultimate goal of 100% EUI reduction (or achieving net-zero energy use) by the year 2030. This year, Feldman Architecture is establishing an office-wide carbon budget for residential projects (100 metric tons), which tracks and measures each project’s predicted carbon emissions from design through post-occupancy.

In 2024, Feldman Architecture officially became a Just certified organization! The Just Label, run by the International Living Future Institute, functions similarly to a nutrition label that scores organizations on socially just and equitable operations and policies. Find Feldman Architecture’s complete Just Dashboard here, which provides information on each of our 24 performance indicators, or read more on our blog.

Community Engagement

Studio Profiles

Our highly experienced leadership collaborates closely and carefully with design staff, serving the firm’s forward-thinking goals and visions. We involve every designer in each project stage, fostering creativity, knowledge sharing, and professional growth - prioritizing opportunities for experienced architects to mentor, teach, and guide. Through guest speakers, conferences, and workshops, we constantly seek inspiration from other fields.

Our supportive and enjoyable office culture encourages friendship and communication, with shared meals, outings, game nights, and celebrations. At Feldman Architecture, we care for and support each member, creating a vibrant and fulfilling workplace environment.

Join us in drafting your next chapter.

Ready to take on a meaningful role for a collaborative, fast-paced studio that will push you to create your best work? At Feldman Architecture, you'll work on award-winning projects from concept through construction, crafting site-sensitive, beautiful spaces alongside a team of like-minded individuals. Find our current job openings below - we're always open to hearing from talented, passionate architects and designers, even if our current openings don't fit your skillset or experience.