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Sustainability Manager, Project Manager, Senior Associate Ben Welty

Prior to joining Feldman Architecture in 2014, Ben earned a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Clemson University and received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Kansas. A licensed architect in the state of California, he has a passion for creating intimate, sustainable spaces that are grounded in an attention to detail and attuned to the site. Ben balances creativity with the needs of the client in his thoughtful design solutions and project management, and is committed to developing strong relationships with clients through open and clear communication. As our Sustainability Manager, Ben brings a passion for environmentally responsible design first realized as a member of the University of Kansas’ Studio 804 design-build program, where he participated in the design and construction of the Center for Design Research, a facility that showcases sustainable technologies and was the first LEED certified building on the University’s campus. Now, in leading our sustainability committee, he is involved with all Feldman Architecture projects throughout design and construction, offering guidance with a critical eye as we work towards our goal of a zero carbon future.