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  • Design & Process
    Renovating an Architect's Oakland Home

    Managing Partner Steven Stept, along with help from the FA Studio, recently completed remodeling his family's Oakland home - infusing the original structure's traditional detailing with Steven's modern aesthetics. Below, read more about the design process and the challenges Steven faced acting as the client, owner, and general contractor - all at once!  

    July 01, 2023

  • Design & Process
    Fresh Geographies

    The Feldman Architecture team is excited to be expanding our breadth of work geographically, continuing to take on new projects outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. As our designs are centered around sensitivity and responsiveness to both site and context, expanding to fresh locales asks our team to become familiar with new climates, topography, and landscapes. From adjusting roofs to accommodate for snow in Oregon, to paying extra attention to fire resiliency in arid Southern California, read about a few in progress projects below and the beautiful and diverse sites that inspired their designs.

    March 23, 2023

  • Design & Process
    Making of a Monograph

    Publishing a book is both a challenging and rewarding process, a monumental task that asked us to consolidate, edit, organize, and create.

    January 11, 2023

  • Design & Process
    Staircase Study

    A staircase often acts as the spine of a home, connecting public and private spaces delicately and effortlessly. Our team finds joy in detailing stairs, whether they are meant to be architectural focal points, or designed simply to perform their programmatic function. Often overlooked, we collected a few of our favorite stair moments to showcase how a well-designed staircase can transform a space, preserve a view, or blend seamlessly and subtly into the backdrop.

    July 27, 2022


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