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  • Sustainability
    Introducing the Carbon Budget

    Launched in Spring 2023, this initiative takes aim at each residential project’s operational and embodied carbon, setting an aggressive target of 100 metric-tons (tonnes) per home (for reference, driving from San Francisco to Atlanta emits 1 metric ton of carbon, and the average FA home has a carbon footprint of ~200 metric tons). We will measure the projected carbon emissions of each project throughout the design phases via energy modeling and embodied carbon analysis, using this to data to further optimize our designs. We will continue to measure operational carbon emissions post-occupancy, and carbon offsets will be purchased for those exceeding the budget one year after completion.

    August 01, 2023

  • Sustainability
    Living Building Challenge Series: Registration and Just Label

    We’re excited to add an installment to our Living Building Challenge blog series, tracking our progress with Curveball, which will aim to be our first project to achieve a Living Building Challenge certification, as well as the first residential certification at CORE level or higher in California.

    April 21, 2023


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