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  • The Sanctuary

    “It’s a truly harmonious integration of house and landscape. It’s beautiful to be in a space that’s so tranquil. It’s a respite from the world,” says Melonie. “When you’re in our yard,” says Paul, “you don’t have a sense of being in an urban environment at all.”

    The Sanctuary

  • Salesforce Tower Office Space

    Salesforce Tower Office Space

  • “We have a beautiful view of our meadow, the hills and trees uncluttered by other structures,” shares David, who loves the serenity of the location, the natural light and the different views from every room. Suzanne agrees, adding, “The aesthetic is a pleasure to live in.”

    Butterfly House

    Butterfly House

  • Caterpillar House

    Caterpillar House

  • Urban Oasis

    Urban Oasis