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Rhymes 12 px/120%

Paragraph 2

Rhymes 14 px/120%

Paragraph 1

Rhymes 16 px/120% Indent

Paragraph 1

Rhymes 16 px/120%


Waldenburg 16 px/120%

Default (standard)

Waldenburg 20 px/100%

Heading 6
Waldenburg 26px/110%
Heading 5
Waldenburg 30px/110%

Heading 4

Waldenburg 40px/100%

Heading 3

Waldenburg 50px/100%

Heading 2

Waldenburg 60px/100%

Heading 1

Waldenburg 100px/90%

The <main> tag represents the main content of the webpage, excluding headers, footers, sidebars, and other peripheral content. It is used to enclose the primary content that is unique to the page.
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