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Brooke Mareschal

Q: Where are you from?

My parents moved several times when we were younger throughout California, Nevada, Texas and Florida. I was a cul-de-sac kid, kicked outside and told to come back for dinner. I have so many fond memories exploring each of these places - that's why it’s my preference to be outside to this day. I loved foraging fruit off neighbor’s trees in California and the sunsets of Nevada. We would roam the streets with a couple dollars for rite-aid ice cream and soda. I was spoiled with sinkholes, freshwater springs, rivers, lakes, marshes, and saltwater fishing. There is nothing like fresh scallops over pasta after a day on the water.

Q: Where did you go to school?

I went to Baylor University in Texas. I was there when RGIII was a freshman and went on to win the Heisman. We had great football games, BBQ, and tailgates and I met my best friends there.

Q: Tell me about your family.

My immediate family is spread out throughout the US, mostly in Texas. My husband and I are starting our own little family in the Oakland foothills with our son (4yrs) and daughter (2yrs).

Q: What is the most interesting aspect of architecture to you?

There was a time when I would sail with my family and spend the night on the boat. In the morning, the still water looks like glass and it’s nearly impossible to distinguish where the sky ends and the water begins. My favorite spaces within architecture and interior architecture achieve something similar. I live for those moments when landscape and the built environment reach a symbiosis.

Q: What is the last show you binge watched?

With two young kids, my husband and I don’t have remote privileges. We are big bluey fans over here.

Q: What kinds of projects do you most enjoy working on?

Without over-complicating the answer, I enjoy working on almost all project types. I’m happiest when I’m on a great project team in a design-focused environment. Over the last decade, I’ve challenged myself to constantly take on different project types; hotels, bars, spas, restaurants, office workplaces, and residences. While this is almost always humbling, it contributes to a deeper understanding of design and keeps me growing and engaged.

Q: Favorite Bay Area hidden gem?

I live for hidden gems. The entrance to the interior greenbelt off of Stanyan comes to mind. Although not much of a secret, it’s so close to Golden Gate Park that it’s often overlooked. Without knowing it’s there you might walk past the trailhead but 10 feet in you are overpowered by Eucalyptus trees.

Q: What are five features you would include in your dream home?

There would be several fruit trees with windchimes and patched wood shingles as you enter. There would be a woodshop in the garage, skylights throughout, a library for all of my books, and my dad’s leather chair.

Q: Where are you most excited to travel next?

I’ve always wanted to visit a traditional Japanese Onsen, but truthfully there are several places on my travel wishlist. Grandma’s house is top of the list!

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