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Nicholas Mobilia

Q: Where are you from?

I’m originally from a small town called North East; it’s in northwestern Pennsylvania. I usually just tell people I’m from Erie because it’s less confusing that way. Especially when I was living in Philadelphia – everyone assumed I was talking about the northeastern region of the city.

Q: Where did you go to school?

I went to school at Penn State. It’s a bit of a family tradition; my dad, my brothers, and a lot of my family went there. I chose it because I didn’t know what I wanted to study and it’s a large school that offers a lot of different programs.

Q: Tell me about your family.

I have two brothers – one older and one younger. My family and I are tight knit but right now they all live in the DC area. Prior to that we were all scattered but now I’m the outlier on the west coast. I also have a two-year-old niece which makes me feel old; it’s okay though because she’s the cutest child that ever lived.

Q: What is the most interesting aspect of architecture to you?

I like buildings that are situated on interesting or complex sites. It’s a fun challenge to design something that responds to and complements its setting without being overpowering. Beyond the overall design process I enjoy detailing a building. It’s like putting together a puzzle – how do all of the complexities and intricacies come together so that the finished building looks like the original sketches and renderings.

Q: What is the last show you binge watched?

I binged watch For All Mankind. It’s a sci-fi show that depicts an alternate history in which the Soviet Union succeeds in landing the first people on the moon rather than the US. As a result, the space race and cold war never end. It’s a really cool and nerdy premise which is right up my alley.

Q: Did you pick up any new hobbies during quarantine?

Not too many – I got a bit more into board games than I previously was and definitely watched more TV but other than that I think things stayed relatively the same.

Q: What kinds of projects do you most enjoy working on?

Unsure! I’ve spent a lot of time working on large multi-family projects so I’m excited to transition to smaller ones where we can create more intricate and beautiful detailing.

Q: What are five features you would include in your dream home?

Lots of windows! I love having natural light. I’d also want some sort of interesting or relaxing view, outdoor space or spaces, a nice kitchen (after so long living in small apartments I’m dying for a normal sized kitchen), and a fireplace for the coziness factor.

Q: Where are you most excited to travel next?

Asia or South America. No specific destination in mind yet but those are two huge geographic areas I’ve never been to. I’ve traveled through the US a decent amount and I’ve made a few trips to Europe so I’m anxious to try something new.

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