Taisuke Ikegami

Tai has been an integral member of the Feldman team since 2005 and brings nearly two decades of experience on a wide range of projects to his role as one of the firm’s four partners.  After trying out New York and Seattle as an architectural intern, he landed in SF upon receiving a Master of Architecture degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, and he has been honing his trade ever since. True to his Japanese roots, it is the endless pursuit towards the refinement of his craft that gets him out of the bed every morning. (That, and his kids…)

A licensed architect in the state of California, he got his professional start in the commercial sector and finally found his way into custom residential work when he joined Feldman Architecture. What Tai appreciates most about custom residential design is the opportunity to pursue close collaboration with clients and builders in all project phases.  He consistently establishes and maintains rewarding client relationships based on clear and continued collaboration. He has since gone on to apply the same approach and brought the same rigor to various FA projects.

Over the years, he has accrued extensive experience in a wide variety of project types including single-family and multi-family homes, corporate interiors, institutional projects and restaurant jobs. His work can be found on numerous publications, both domestically and internationally.