Halloween 2k18!

Our office quite enjoys Halloween. Or at least our social coordinator does. This year, we celebrated the spooky holiday with decorations, pumpkin carving, and a costume contest. Take a look!

To transform our normal office into a spooky firehouse, we placed webs around the fire pole, along the bookshelves, and up the staircase. Complete with plastic spiders of course.

Pumpkin carving was held during lunch. One of our designers (Luigi) carved a pumpkin for the very first time, while most of us relived childhood nostalgia. Faces were a big theme, and all but one of the office pumpkins got a makeover!

Seven and a half designers dressed up this year, a new record! The costumes ranged from the classic cat and dinosaur to the more out there Blue Angels and Budweiser stock boy. The two categories up for grabs were ‘Best Overall Costume’ and ‘Most Creative Costume.” Liza won Best Overall dressed as Luigi and after a tight race, took home Most Creative as well!

From all of us at Feldman Architecture, we hope you all had a spoOoOoOooky and enjoyable Halloween!