Feldman Architecture takes seriously our obligations and opportunities as architects to respect and preserve the natural environment. Drawing upon past wisdoms and contemporary building science, we aspire to create structures that are in harmony with their natural surroundings, conserve resources and are efficient in use. Combined with the goal of exceeding industry baseline environmental standards on all of our projects, our philosophy serves as a catalyst in our movement towards a more ecologically and ethically responsible form of architecture.

Sustainable design is more than an end result; it is a process. At a project’s inception, we outline sustainability goals that are developed and carried through each phase of the design and construction process. Going a step further, we revisit all completed projects to evaluate the success of our building performance strategies and occupant comfort and satisfaction. These post-occupancy evaluations provide us with a tool for analyzing our past efforts and identifying failed strategies, thereby allowing us to evolve our practices and hold ourselves accountable to our goals.

In December 2016, Feldman Architecture pledged to the AIA 2030 Commitment and created an Action Plan as a roadmap to creating carbon-neutral buildings by the year 2030. This commitment to sustainability is further evidenced through our many LEED certified buildings, including the first LEED Platinum custom home in California’s Central Coast Region, our pursuits of Net-Zero Energy, Passive House and Living Building Challenge certifications, and the various sustainability honors and awards we have received.


Sustainability Awards and Honors:

2017 10 Best Green Architects in San Francisco by San Francisco Architects

2016 Palo Alto Arnold Sofrenko Award for Tree Preservation  |  Palo Alto 2

2011 AIA SF Honor Award for Sustainability and Energy  |   Caterpillar House

2011 Eco-Home Grand Award for Sustainable Design  |  Caterpillar House

2007 Green Roof Award for Excellence in Extensive Residential Design  |  House Ocho

2007 AIA SF Honor Award for Sustainability and Energy  |  House Ocho

2006 California Home + Design Award for Eco Friendly Design  |  House Ocho



Caterpillar House
Carmel, CA

Sanchez Street #1
San Francisco CA

Sanchez Street #2
San Francisco CA

John Street
Santa Cruz CA


Church Street
San Francisco CA

Rock Rd*
Kentfield CA

21st Street
San Francisco CA

Green Street
San Francisco CA


5th Ave
San Francisco CA

25th Ave
San Francisco CA



Cienega Road
Hollister CA

Wilmot Street
San Francisco CA



Bush Street
San Francisco CA


*Target Certification