Q: Where are you from?
I grew up in Pasadena, CA, but I tell everyone that I’m from LA because it’s more recognizable. Although Pasadena is famous for its New Year’s Rose Parade, and I lived right on the parade route!

Q: Where did you go to school?
I did my BA in Architecture at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!)

Q: Tell me about your family.
My mom is an electrical engineer who grew up on a farm and my dad is a kindergarten teacher who grew up in a huge city. They met in Iowa and somehow landed in California (with stops in Vegas, and Tennessee) where my sister, Sierra, and I grew up! We’re all super-introverts who love cats. Our family kitty, Theta, is kind of a brat, but we love her anyway.

Q: What is the most interesting aspect of architecture to you?
I love thinking about architecture as a puzzle. It’s such a subjective field, but I like that architects start to justify design decisions based on a broad range of factors: climate, narrative, sequencing, function etc. When you can finally nudge all those factors into the right place, the design feels complete. The fun part is that the same puzzle can be solved in an infinite number of ways!

Q: What makes our office unique?
Definitely the amount of collaboration and camaraderie. Everyone has been so willing to help me learn the lay of the land from day one, and I don’t feel a major hierarchy among staff.

Q: What is the last show you binge watched?
I watched Lupin on Netflix and WOW, what a production! I highly recommend to anyone who loved BBC’s Sherlock. I’ve never rooted for a fictional thief so hard.

Q: What’s your favorite part about coming to work?
Before starting full-time, I interned at FA and helped with marketing drawings remotely. I’m so glad to finally be coming into the office and seeing my colleagues in person. The espresso machine is also a big plus!

Q: Have you ever won a contest or award?
When I was in high school, I won a scholarship from Taco Bell. It was a super obscure award, but they put a picture of me up in Times Square as a part of the prize! I also won a couple of architecture awards during my time at Cal.

Q: Favorite SF hidden gem?
I have no idea if this is a secret or not—I’ve only lived here a few weeks—but the staircase at Vallejo and Jones is my favorite place to walk at lunch. It has beautiful views in both directions and the wind is much appreciated after the steep trek to get up there.

Q: What are five features you would include in your dream home?
My dream home needs a dedicated studio space for sewing and art. I would also throw in an atrium with lots of natural light, some sort of loft, and unique wall art. Lastly, passive heating and cooling!

Q: Where are you most excited to travel next?
I haven’t booked my flights yet, but I am absolutely going to visit Milan and Stuttgart as soon as I can. Both beautiful places, both full of great architecture.