Q: Where are you from?
I’m from Plano, Texas – a suburb of Dallas.

Q: Where did you go to school?
I did the five-year architecture program at University of Texas, Austin.

Q: Tell me about your family.
I’m the youngest of two sons – my brother is two years older than me. Both of my parents are from Detroit, my dad works in telecoms and studied engineering in college, and mom is a high school Biology teacher.

Q: How did you originally become interested in architecture?
It all started in our seventh grade humanities unit on Spanish missions. We had to make floor plan for a mission using graph paper, which was really challenging (mine was horrible) but interesting to me. That sparked my initial interest – in middle school I was really into art, and in high school I was into STEM – and it feels like working in architecture and design is a great combination.

Q: Did you pick up any new hobbies during quarantine?
I started playing tennis! Also, living at home in Texas, I was able to perfect my margarita recipe. I spent a lot of time watching cooking videos and cooking for my parents.

Q: What kinds of projects do you most enjoy working on?
So far, I have only worked on remodels of single-family homes. I am interested in working on something slightly larger in scale, or maybe a commercial project.

Q: What is your favorite part about coming to work? (in person or virtually)
Hanging out with Nick (I’m one of the 3 or 4 people in the office right now)! I also have really been enjoying seeing different parts of the city while riding my bike to the office, as I am new to SF. Learning to avoid all the hills!

Q: Have you ever won a contest or award?
Yes. I’ve won concert tickets for a radio station and multiple raffles. I have been incredibly successful at the University of Michigan Dallas chapter alumni raffle – I win almost every week. I also have a seventh grade baseball trophy I’m pretty proud of.

Q: What question would you not want to be asked in an interview?
Don’t ask me about my weaknesses because I have none (just kidding).

Q: What are five features you would include in your dream home?
At least one bathroom and natural light. At most, the most expensive speaker system installed in every room, and a helipad. And of course, a comprehensive rainwater/greywater collection and filtration system and PV array, with a Passive House certification.

Q: Where are you most excited to travel next?
New Orleans – I was planning on visiting until my trip was cancelled by Covid. IMO it’s the most underrated city in America.