Walden Lot – 11

The design of the Walden house is rooted in the idea that it should be of the land, drawing inspiration from a close analysis of the site and beauty that surrounds it. The 4,000-sf home is designed to be a retreat to escape and immerse yourself in nature; to unplug and recharge.

We were asked to design one of the first homes to be built in a new residential area in Monterey. Walden Monterey is a forward thinking enclave of residential properties, rooted in a shared commitment to creating a community that integrates a low impact built environment on its spectacular natural surroundings. Our charge was to design a house that aligns not only with the desires of the homeowner, but also with the aspirations of the community at large. Our only constraints were to create a zero net energy home and to cut down no trees.

Inspired by the concept of “earth and sky,” the L-shaped floor plan consists of three main components. The master suite sits at lower floor elevation, built into the earth and thus grounded to the land with a strong concrete wall. Contrastingly the public wing hovers over a restored meadow of native grass land, framed on all sides by walls of glass to allow the natural light to fill the space

At the intersection of these two wings is a tower that offers verticality to an otherwise very broad and horizontal design. The tower works as a pivot, containing additional bedrooms and a roof deck where one can take in the sky and stars as the sun goes down, and watch the majestic surroundings of trees

LOCATION Monterey, California 


Project Sponsor: Eastwood Development
Landscape Architect: Ground Studio Landscape Architecture