Salesforce Tower Office Space

In the heart of downtown San Francisco, the Salesforce tower represents the pinnacle of Bay Area technological innovation and modern creativity. We were tasked to create, alongside our client, a west coast headquarters for their global financial firm in the heart of the tower – translating our designers’ residential sensibilities into the workplace, and allowing our clients to uniquely define a space that will become their home away from home for years to come.

Perched above the 50th floor and soaring past the silhouettes of the surrounding high rises and iconic SF fog, the untouched 10,000-sf space set the tone for the design aspirations of the project. The plan aimed to integrate residential design into the tower- a living room, private nooks, and a kitchen help rethink the flow and functionality of the office, and emphasize the personal and human aspects of workplace design.

Upon arrival, visitors are welcomed into the Sky Lounge, the “hearth space” and social core of the office- punctuated by floor to ceiling windows providing views of downtown, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the Pacific Ocean. Natural light floods into the central lounge, which flows into open collaborative areas spread along the rim of the space, ranging from flexible workspaces to a series of small private offices. This work flow strives to strike the balance between shared spaces conducive to collaboration and individual work nooks fostering contemplative focus.

LOCATION San Francisco, California

Contractor: Skyline Construction
Lighting: Pritchard Peck Lighting
Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment: CRI & jak-w
AV Consultant: MWA & Creation Networks
Code Consultant: ARS
Property Management: Boston Properties
Ownership Team: Whiteside Management, LLC
Photography: Paul Dyer