Jameson Humane

In 2014, Monica and David Stevens founded Jameson Humane, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving animal welfare through global collaboration and education for the benefit of all life. Jameson has not followed the traditional path of “animal rescue” but instead continuously listens to the community and responds holistically to its needs. Our team is working alongside Jameson Humane to strategically design a master plan for their Napa Valley property that efficiently accommodates a variety of needs, focused on cutting-edge sustainable, regenerative design.

In our initial engagement, we crafted renderings envisioning shared spaces and an animal sanctuary, and developed a resource diagram to explore Jameson Humane’s aspirational interconnectedness. Centered around regenerative systems, the exercise explored the philosophy that regenerative buildings and regenerative agriculture will not only serve the animals and the land, but will work to create self-perpetuating cycles in which the architecture both uses and creates resources.

Mostly recently, the Jameson Humane team was inspired to incorporate a Regional Disaster Response Center into their master plan – focused on response, preparedness, and education that will support Napa, Sonoma, Solano, as well as other counties, alongside coordinated efforts with related disaster response organizations. The new master layout strategically places clusters of agrarian structures to house animals and creates shaded open space for interaction and education.

LOCATION Napa, California