Hillside Ranch

A 2.5-acre property with a deep sweeping meadow protected by a tall perimeter of trees became the perfect backdrop for our clients’ renovated Portola Valley escape. The existing structure is a fifties ranch style home with low ceilings, and a layout that fails to take advantage of westward views.

As a budget conscious solution, our team fully reconfigured the floor plan in of the existing home while retaining the original bones. The existing two car garage cuts off a meaningful connection to the land – the new design will eliminate the garage, placing an open floor plan kitchen, dining, and living room in its place, immersing occupants in the site’s lush greenery. The master suite will open westward as well, connected by balconies to public living areas. Outdoor living spaces will link the indoor to the out – occupants will flow seamlessly between the living room, the garden, outdoor sitting and dining, and the meadow.

The palette will be modern yet cozy, while preserving the architectural sensibilities of the existing structure as to not introduce a foreign, out of place addition. Bright, clean materials and light wood will create an understated, minimal aesthetic.

LOCATION Portola Valley, California


Landscape Architect: Rarefield