Cow Hollow I

With a modern design motivated by a developer who typically builds more traditional remodels, Cow Hollow I reflects a simple, yet elegant style throughout its 7,000 square feet. Originally a two unit building, the home is intended to be a single family space, but has the flexibility to become two. In the heart of San Francisco’s Marina District, this home boasts spectacular views of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

As a response to the existing structure not having a garage, the home was lifted in order to include a three-car garage and two bedroom apartment in the basement. Guests enter up the stairs and although unorthodox, enter the bedroom level; or if they continue up the stacked stair core, will enter the main living level welcomed by spectacular views. With a completely open floor plan, the second floor houses the entertaining/family room, kitchen, breakfast nook, formal dining area, and formal living room bookended by large glass windows at the front and multi-panel sliding glass doors at back, opening up to provide the feeling of being outside without having to leave the living room.

Comprised of an additional den/entertaining space and an office, the third and final floor opens to a garden roof at the front and a magnificent roof deck at the back.

A modern, yet warm aura fills the home throughout from the lighter gray tones of the bleached oak and fir to the darker wood slats casing the exterior and running up the stair core.

LOCATION San Francisco, California 


Lighting Design: Tucci Lighting 
Structural Engineer: Hom Pisano Engineers
Geotechnical Engineer: Romig Engineers