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21-016 Brochette House

Dedicated and talented gardeners, the clients envisioned a retreat with meaningful connections to lush and complex landscaping, immersing indoor spaces into the vibrant and thoughtful grounds, and preserving a large Oak tree on the property. Connected by a unifying glassy hallway, Brochette House constricts and releases as occupants pass between indoor and outdoor spaces, celebrating a biophilic lifestyle.

A couple deeply experienced and passionate about the design and construction process approached our studio to create a new, minimal, modern home on a lot with an existing structure in Woodside. Tucked between the primary suite and great room pavilions, the main terrace provides a protected outdoor living and dining space with pool access. On the opposite side of the glass bridge, an additional fireplace patio sits protected by the towering, anchoring Oak. In the great room pavilion, an open plan living room, dining room, and kitchen float over the sloping hillside, orienting views towards a Redwood grove. The hallway ends in a secluded guest suite pavilion, with a gym that overlooks a planting garden. An ADU with two additional guest suites and a pool house is nestled into the hillside and topped by a green roof - the low-slung structure facilitates uninterrupted views from the main house.

Site Analysis

Maintaining View Corridors

The driveway leads visitors to the north side of the property, and a tree-lined path to the entry instills a calm sense of transition. The main house is organized into a series of pavilions, connected by a transparent passageway that gracefully passes in, out, and through the gardens, and maintains view corridors through the home from multiple points.


A material palette of stained vertical wood siding, textural board formed concrete walls, and dark metals, create a clean, hyper-modern feel while maintaining an organic warmth.

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