Bridge House

A couple relocating from San Francisco to a recently purchased lot in Atherton approached our team in search of a private, airy renovation that feels modern, unique, and connected to the natural wonder of the site. Focused around two large, majestic Oak trees, we set out to reconfigure the original home’s programming to craft private wings for a multigenerational family, and to introduce light as a main character in the home’s layout and design.

The plan is divided into to parallel bars connected by a double height Great Room and Dining Area that acts as a common space for family members to gather; lined by windows on either side, the Great Room opens westward towards a majestic oak and secluded garden, and to the east, a pool and sunny outdoor living area. On the first floor, the northern bar houses the eldest generation’s wing – which includes a private living area and kitchen. The home’s southern bar contains the main kitchen and a secluded office that juts out into the lush gardens. On the second floor, a windowed bridge floats above the Great Room, connecting the Primary Suite to a series of Guest Suites. Below, the basement level is illuminated by delicately placed light wells, and houses a gym, entertainment room, and a home theatre.

With help from the landscape architects, our team crafted a series of intentional outdoor moments; a secluded path redefines a private entry that meanders through an Oak grove, and water features throughout the property calm the senses.

LOCATION Atherton, California