Our design process unfolds across multiple steps, allowing for deep engagement with stakeholders and contributors, and culminates in an outcome that pushes the limits of the possible.


The compact size of our firm allows us to agilely leverage the Bay Area’s best and brightest for a highly collaborative design process that harnesses the specific expertise needed for each individual project. We view ourselves as equal parts leader and member of a design team whose smart and sustainable solutions reflect the collective strength of its diverse skillsets.


We approach design as a dialogue between client, design team, and site and view each project as an opportunity to create an innovative solution tailored both to the project environs and the client’s needs. We listen without preconception, share visions and values, and collectively generate solutions that are responsive to program and context, sustainable and elegant. At the core of each design team, our diverse set of designers brings both a wealth of international and local experience and a fresh perspective to the project at hand.


We kick off the design process with a workshop with the project’s key stakeholders to dive deep into the project’s visionary goals and known constrains. This initial session plays a critical role in laying the groundwork for lasting relationships that are the foundation of the project’s success and completion.


We approach design concept both spatially and experientially. We create a narrative that brings the design aspirations into focus. We create a visual story of salient images to establish the mood of the design. We simultaneously begin the planning process with diagrams that both establish the functions of individual spaces and organize programmatic pieces into a coherent whole.


We create a fluid, yet focused Design Vision by engaging with the client’s core values. By examining what lies at the company’s heart and shapes its soul – its roots, its employees, and its future – we carefully construct a design vision that reflects the essence of the client. From the Design Vision, we will further define the look and feel and the operational goal for the project.


We strive to create a space that is both comfortable and exciting, animated by unique experiences responsive to user needs. In today’s world, and in San Francisco, in particular, the shifting cultural paradigm of work and design is rendering established conventions obsolete. We respond with fresh perspectives. Embracing the changing landscape of workplace standards, we create human-centric designs committed to high-quality user experience: light, airy spaces that find strength in simplicity and beauty in understated elegance.