After months of downloading images to a Idea Book or clipping articles from residential design magazines, you’ve just purchased a spectacular piece of land or an older home and are eager to start your design and construction project.  Exciting!  But where to begin?  When do you start talking to an architect? What can you expect when making that first call?

We share the enthusiasm of our clients as they begin their project, and we often spend the first couple of meetings getting to know you, the site, the program, and finally your schedule and budget.  There is a list of questions we’ll ask before moving onto the exciting task of designing.

During an initial conversation with a client, we’ll be curious about the site and what you hope to accomplish with a new building or a renovation.

– One of the first and most important aspects to this initial interview is the fit. We’ll ask you questions getting to know how you live, what inspires you, and what type of project you’re seeking.
– We’ll then follow up with questions about the location of your site. Where is it and what governing agencies will need to review the design of the project?
– What size home are you seeking?  What do you have now and how much more space (or less) would you like in the future?
– Additions/improvements you’d like to make over what you have now or houses where you’ve lived in the past.
– Where are you in the process?  Have you spoken to geo-technical engineers (particularly if it is steep or waterfront property), civil engineers, or others?  If the answer is “no” to all these questions, don’t worry. We’ll be happy to guide you through this process.
– Why our firm?  Are there particular projects we’ve completed that you are familiar with and that resonate with you?
– Thoughts for sustainable design?
– Budget for construction?  Have you spoken with general contractors and do you have an idea of budget?  Again, if the answer is “no,” that’s fine.
– Schedule – do you need to move in by a particular date?
– Any other considerations that you may have.  It is helpful to know if you have completed a design/construction project in the past and what worked or didn’t work with this project.

From The Library of Virginia.Know that it’s never too early to call or email an architect.  We can offer services and insights even prior to the purchase of a home or property.

After that initial phone call allowing us to better understand your project, we will typically meet on-site so we can begin to understand the site, views, light, and the potential of the property and so that you can begin to get a feel for our personality.

Next steps?  We will typically draw up a proposal for services, send for your review and be available to discuss the scope of work and fees.  You can feel free to ask to meet the Project Manager/Project Architect who will likely be assigned to your project and be your day-to-day contact.  Once a contract is signed, we will set up a kick off meeting for the project and delve into the project full speed ahead! – Hannah