Hollywood Hills

Once a party destination made popular by a rotating crowd of actors and musicians, this Hollywood Hills home was composed of a series of disconnected forms that failed to take advantage of the stunning views accessible from the hillside perch.  The remodel preserves the linear spine of the home while expanding beyond its low ceilings and disjointed floor plan to open the house towards its expansive terrace, pool, and sweeping city views beyond.

In order to combat a steep, sloping hillside the design introduces two new forms into the structure: one public for communal living areas, and one private reserved for bedrooms.  With soaring roofs that welcome in Northern light, the new additions create dramatic, vaulted spaces amidst the smaller, pre-existing forms.   Southern shades provide a comfortable interior temperature, and 11 foot window walls slide away to create a single, expansive poolside living area.  Newly exposed corners, sheathed in floor-to-ceiling glass, filter natural light into the home and offer uninterrupted views of the bustling cityscape below.