Vineyard Haven

Between the oaks and pines of a small island off the coast of Massachusetts, this cottage serves as a guesthouse for children and grandchildren when they return to the family property.  Its efficient design pairs a simple form with dark cedar cladding and a steeply pitched roof, offering a modern twist on Martha’s Vineyard tradition.  The standing seam metal roof tilts towards the rear of the house, creating a large aperture overlooking the neighboring bird sanctuary and funneling rainwater into a small garden bed. The cottage’s main room combines kitchen, living, and dining areas under one high ceiling, while its two bedrooms and lofted attic offer private spaces for retreat.  In a gesture befitting an island cottage, an expansive deck extends the communal living area outdoors, jutting like a dock towards a sea of wild blueberries.


General Contractor: Jack Gray & Company

Consulting Structural Engineer: Fulcrum Structural Engineering